There are e-learning sites, online courses sites, and there are education portals. Then there are products for interactive learning as used in schools and enterprises.

For us, all forms of education are enriching.

We would like to work in businesses that help in overall development, as well as development on a specific topic. Our aim is that people should increase their ability to question, and think beyond dimensions. We believe that whoever wants to pursue a course, degree, or a topic, extensive knowledge should be available.

It is not just about obtaining a degree from a university. It is about gaining knowledge that impacts the contents of that degree.

Being knowledgeable and being able to apply knowledge appropriately is another challenge. It comes with practice, mentoring, and appropriate knowledge inclusion. This can be a new challenge in workplaces, and in personal lives, for professionals.

In addition to applying the knowledge at work, it is also important to learn “how to work” in organisations. Education is not just about getting a job, and then growing in a field of work. It is about developing ourselves as human beings.

People complain about stress, work-life balance and managing people at work. We believe they are part of everyday learning.

We are open to ideas from passionate entrepreneurs who wish to establish business in education space that provides human development.