Food is one of the three basic necessities of life. it is important that we understand what food is, and what we are consuming. Food not only satisfies our hunger, but also provides nutrition to our body. And the benefits of nutrition are long-term.

Like they say, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” is applicable for years of consumption of apple. Different foods have different elements that are required to nourish the body. Some people say that drinking green tea in moderation keeps your skin good and slows down ageing. The effects might not be seen in few years, but could be with regularly consuming for a decade. Similarly regular exercise keeps you healthy. One might not see a good body sculpture and “strength” in an year of regular training, however keeping it regularly for a decade or several years will give actual strength. This could also alter DNA.

We feel this is somehow related to quantum theory or maybe “sub-quantum.” The effects are slow, but almost permanent. That is another reason of our interest in quantum related fields that we intend to engage in, within tech related domains.

When the benefits are this good, how can we be ignorant about what we are consuming and focus more on material things?

And it is not just reading the labels on food items. We think understanding the origin is worth a thought.