Diseases are common from the early stages of life and human beings have discovered ways to cure those diseases. In past times, diseases were cured using natural sources like plants. As we evolved and technology advanced, scientists and doctors invented new molecules that were able to cure those diseases faster.

We are interested in hearing from entrepreneurs in all areas that benefit human beings.

While naturopathy and homeopathy work slowly, but claim to eliminate the disease from the root, allopathy cures faster. Allopathy might have side effects and may create other problems in longer run. These are some claims made by people.

Natural medicine is like food, that continuously supplies the body with the nutrition required to fight the disease. It trains the body and the brain to fight at this instant and for future events.

Taking an example from mathematics, it is easy to teach students how to prove a particular theorem. Given in an exam the same theorem, it is highly likely that students will be able to provide a proof for it. However training students to prove any theorem in that domain is difficult. For example, corollaries of a theorem. It takes time, effort, and patience.

To keep ourselves healthy and be able to fight any disease, these have to be part of our lifestyle.

To all entrepreneurs, lets work together for the benefit of mankind.