Tech is everywhere these days. It has become fashionable to have app and immerse your eyes, body and soul in it. But what is the real purpose of these inventions? To eliminate or narrow the distance – the distance between people or distance between places. So if we have to attend a class in Cambridge, a student from Chicago can also do it in real time.

Another situation would be when a person would like to order fresh fruit from a farm that are locally grown. A tech platform that has integrated different farms locally in the country can serve this purpose.

Tech can also help in creating community that shares information. Like a community of parenting, pre and post natal. Which is important these days when families are nuclear and the knowledge from previous generations is not passed on. A tech platform that connects people and experts could become a familiar benchmark.

Technology on the another hand, can help in understanding other aspects of life via the route of robotics, quantum, and other sectors.

We would like to tap into such aspects, which add value to global knowledge, and help in moving towards the ability  of providing the best education or parts of daily needs to life.